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Hi everyone! I'm Adrian, the founder of California Cookie Company. My story started in 2007. I lived in New York and California for almost 20 years, and during those two decades I loved the wide selection of desserts available. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and I greatly enjoy cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream and other tasty treats. When an opportunity presented itself, I opened a small shop in downtown San Francisco selling Gelato and Frozen Yogurt. 

It was my first foray into business, and it was an education! It was a joy to watch tired and stressed out customers’ eyes light up upon seeing the 36 flavors of gelato that I offered, and the six flavors of frozen yogurt, along with an array of toppings. Unfortunately I had to learn everything about business the hard way, and the Great Recession of 2008 that was due to the mortgage crisis dealt the final blow.

When I eventually moved back to Malaysia, I realized that what was offered here wasn’t very satisfying. The high price of good quality ingredients meant that in order to keep prices down, cheaper substitutes are often used, to the detriment of flavor and mouthfeel. I missed the real thing so much that I decided to make my own, for my enjoyment, and that of my family and friends. 

That's how California Cookie Company was born in 2011. I wanted to bring the authentic taste of American brownies and cookies to Malaysia, using only fresh and premium ingredients. I also wanted to make them affordable and accessible for everyone, because I believe that desserts are simple pleasures that everyone deserves. For a while, I had a small stand at Plaza Mont Kiara's Thursday Market, where I met many loyal customers who loved my products. But then the pandemic hit, and the market had to close indefinitely.

But I didn't give up. I moved my business to our Little Blue House in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, where we continue to bake and deliver fresh brownies and cookies to your doorstep.

We operate in such a way that enables us to reduce our overhead to the barest minimum, in order to preserve the quality and authenticity of our baked goods and still provide the most value for the ringgit.

You can order online through our website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions. You can also contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback. I would love to hear from you!

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